Research Reports first published in the journal Tuith Online

Study of primary care dentistry ERUPTs into life

Stephen Turner, a Senior Researcher at the Dental Health Services Research Unit in Dundee, describes progress (up until the end of September 2003) on a new project concerned with ways of encouraging the adoption of good evidence-based practice in the management of children's dental health in Scotland.

Targeted caries prevention for pre-school children

Children as young as 13 months are to take part in a pioneering experiment to try to improve Scotland's poor record on dental health which compares unfavourably with that of many other parts of the UK. Carole Anderson, who until recently was a GDP with a practice in Fife but is now a clinical researcher at Dundee Dental Hospital, explains how the project will be carried out and outlines what she hopes will be achieved by this study.

The management of carious primary teeth using pre-formed metal crowns: The Hall Technique

A peer reviewed paper titled "The Hall technique: a pilot trial of a novel use of preformed metal crowns for managing carious primary teeth" was reported in this e-journal in December 2000. The pilot study having shown the feasibility of using the technique in the surgery, a clinical trial is now underway in the Tayside area. Nicola Innes here describes progress during the first two years of the trial (up until October 2003)

Abstracts of poster presentations from the SDPBRN 1st Annual Symposium

1. The cost of out-of-hours emergency dental provision in Tayside: ...
2. Hepatitis B immunisation and monitoring for Scottish primary care dental staff.
3. A review of services for the dentally anxious child in the highland health board area ...
4. Self-reported dental registration and attendance patterns among secondary school pupils ...
5. A survey of the use and decontamination of matrix bands.
6. Provision of domiciliary dental care in Scotland: A pilot study.
7. Oral health outcomes following targeted community development activity.
8. A multidisciplinary community development programme designed to improve ...
9. The role of primary care dentistry in the management of patients with eating disorders.
10. Focus group research and your practice.

The National Research Register (NRR) is a register of research projects funded by, or of interest to, the United Kingdom's National Health Service up to September 2007.